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Question: Crossplatform possibility

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On 5/18/2020 at 3:19 AM, Bernd E. said:



just thinking about P3D v4 + v5 versions.


Will therer be a possibility to connect between the both sims? (haven't tested it yet tbh)





Neither have we, because there is no P3Dv5 version of the aircraft out (yet).  We'll try soon and publish the results.  I'll say this though, I'm not at all hopeful.  We have trouble getting the same changes into different versions of the Airbus, so if the code is different (different changes and fixes) between the two aircraft on two different sims then a CFD session might only work partially.


Anyway, it's a "to be tested" thing right now.



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Did our first flights today with Crossplatform v4 and v5 and it worked so far so good, really nice.

Only strange thing what append was that the Aircraft was turning to the left without input from anybody.


Only strange thing is that radio panels will not be synced :-S


Really cool :)

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It`s passble in 330 but have little problem,(if load payload and fuel after connect it have chance will CTD in V5,but V4 not CTD at all,and other like the radio problem)hope can keep up and fix that.


But it`s cool and hope will update to full function.

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