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Malaga Scenery intallation problem, xplane 11

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Hello, I just purchased the Malaga Airport for xplane 11, however when I install the product and load up my simulator it states terrain fie not there and gives me the ortho tile co ordinates for malaga, am I missing something important in the installation? 

Also where do you install the scenery because from the manual given it states install it into your xplane 11 root folder but then another person says install it into your custom scenery, any help would be greatly apprehciated. Thankyou.

Screenshot (153).png

sorry about image, the error state as follows


Error, could not locate file for terrain

Custom Scenery/zOrtho4xp +36-005/terrain/25520_32016_BI16.ter

Custom Scenery/zOrtho4xp_+36-005/terrain/



that's what it says when trying to load the simulator and scenery

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Automatic installation with the unzipper program:

you can "extract" the zip folder directly into the X-Plane 11 Main Folder.

That is correct. 


Manually installation:

But also you can extract the zip folder into an empty folder of your choice.

Then open the extracted folder. Open the included "Custom Scenery" folder and then "copy" the included scenery folders directly into your Custom Scenery folder of your installed X-Plane 11 main folder.


The Malaga Payware don't have Ortho4XP files included.

That must be another problem.


But Malaga uses the SAM2 Plugin.

Please be sure to have installed it.

Do it with this SAM2 Suite:


But if you want, please send us the Log file (Log.txt) from the installed X-Plane 11 folder as an attachement.
Close X-Plane 11 before.

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Thankyou very much for your response, I have successfully installed the airport however there are now sounds at all from te exterior views, no car noise or anything, is there a reason for this? I tried the simulator in a different airport and there were sounds but no sounds at the Malaga Airport? any help would be great. Thanks


no sounds

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What airport gives you environment sounds? I've never seen this feature myself on any airport so maybe this is unique to some sceneries?

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