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A319/20 CFM Sharklets

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I'm looking to repaint our (fictional) VA's Airbus fleet however I don't see a paintkit option for the A319/20 CFM variants with Sharklets, only the A321 CFM.   As the 321 has a different wing size to the 319/320, this, as far as I'm aware, can't be used and copied to the A319/20.


In the A320_IAE_JETBLUE_N828JB folder, I see a separate AS_A320_WANNE_C.psd file which has the actual sharklets in for painting - however as this appears to also have other parts that would be duplicates of sections in other files, would I be right in saying this simply can't be copied over either?


I've got the rest of our paint ready to go, just the sharklets to match the scheme that I'm missing...



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