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F-14 Stuck in Checklist Prestart

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Hi everybody.

I moved my F-14 out of its hangar and was looking forward to fly it in P3D V4.


Making my way through checklist I ran into a problem. Its in the category "Spoiler Check" in Prestart list.

The steps one has to check are the following:

  • Flight Controls- Cycle
  • DLC - ON
  • Antiskid - Spoiler BK
  • Master Test - Stick SW
  • Antiskid - OFF
  • Flaps and Slats - Up


Problem is, that I do not get the checkmark after doing all the steps.


  1. I cycle the Flight Controls,
  2. push the DLC Button (White button left side of flightstick- clicks into place),
  3. toggle the Antiskid - Spoiler lever (left side console.... from this point I don't know if I am still on line)
  4. Master Test Switch is set to Stick SW
  5. Turn Antiskid lever back to OFF
  6. Move the Flaps back up


As mentioned I do not get the checkmark An additional thing I noticed is, that the white DLC ENGAGE Button clicks out of place when I toggle the Antiskid spoiler lever... I think this happens after moving this lever. I check it again later.


Perhaps somebody can help me.


Thanks guys!

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I'll take a look, but it's been so long since I had the time to do a full cold&dark checklist. The DLC check should be a on/off check to make sure they work prior to moving down the checklist.

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Tested in v4.5HF2, works as advertised in my config. Again, the DLC check is a quick on/off, look to make sure they pop up and move to the next check. Also, are you getting a "GO" light on the master test panel? The only 2D checklist issue I had was the hook check, it cycled and go stuck down and the lever in the VC would not move after clicking. Released the parking brake, taxi forward and reset it did the trick. You can also just click the box next to the item, I do this for the boarding ladder. I would have issues in FSX with the checklist and would just bypass.


The only other thing I can think of is I start with the default flight set up with the Iris Raptor. In this test, I shutdown and then switched to the Tomcat for a cold/dark start.

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