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  1. This might have been already asked, but I would like to know if the manual, included in the Premium Deluxe Edition, will be comparable to the manual that came with the FSX Box tons of years ago? I loved making my way through the flightschool in former times... Thank you for your help!
  2. Hi everybody. I moved my F-14 out of its hangar and was looking forward to fly it in P3D V4. Making my way through checklist I ran into a problem. Its in the category "Spoiler Check" in Prestart list. The steps one has to check are the following: Flight Controls- Cycle DLC - ON Antiskid - Spoiler BK Master Test - Stick SW Antiskid - OFF Flaps and Slats - Up Problem is, that I do not get the checkmark after doing all the steps. I cycle the Flight Controls, push the DLC Button (White button left side of flightstick- clicks into place), toggle the Antiskid - Spoiler lever (left side console.... from this point I don't know if I am still on line) Master Test Switch is set to Stick SW Turn Antiskid lever back to OFF Move the Flaps back up As mentioned I do not get the checkmark An additional thing I noticed is, that the white DLC ENGAGE Button clicks out of place when I toggle the Antiskid spoiler lever... I think this happens after moving this lever. I check it again later. Perhaps somebody can help me. Thanks guys!
  3. Hallo und danke. Ja, in der Dokumentation steht diesbezüglich nichts. Sorry, dass ich doppelt gepostet habe. Ich wechsel dann ins englische Forum.
  4. Thanks for your help. Could you please look up which keystroke you set for trimming the elevation up/down? Or do you use the keys instead of joystick buttons?
  5. Hallo, ich weiß das ist nicht das richtige Forum, aber FlightX ist seit längerem schon down und im Lockheed Forum hilft mir niemand. Ich möchte bei P3D V4 die Trimmung (Elevator) auf zwei Joysticktasten legen. Also eine Taste für trim up und eine für Trim down. Bei P3D V3 habe ich das auch hinbekommen, aber bei V4 finde ich irgendwie nicht die richtige Aktion, welche ich auf die Tasten legen soll. Ich habe aktuell "Elevator Trim (up)" auf Button 1 und "Elevator Trim (down)" auf Button 2 gelegt. Wenn ich im Flugzeug auf einen der beiden Knöpfe drücke passiert aber nichts. Ich sehe in meiner F14 zwar, dass der virtuelle Flightstick ruckelt, aber er wird nicht getrimmt. Kann mir jemand einen Tip geben was ich anders machen soll bzw. welcher der richtige Befehl ist? Vielen Dank! Gruß, Karsten
  6. I gave it another try and started the Sim in "Ready to taxi" mode. The F-14 takes off without any problem. The HUD and monitors stay on and the jet behaves as expected. I don't know what went wrong while running through the Checklist. I give it another shot starting for a carriers deck to see if I accidentially turned something off and hope the monitors keep working.
  7. Friends, I switched to P3DV4 and downloaded and installed the 64-Bit Version of the Aerosoft F-14 X. I managed to fly this bird in P3D V3 after some beginners problems quite well. Today after installing the 64-Bit Version I ran into some problems. First of all is that I don't know how to set "Trim Elevator Up / down" to Joystick Buttons. I simply cannot find the right P3D Event to change buttons/ keystrokes. Before start I usually walk through checklist and get all checkmarks. When going to full throttle the displays of my F-14 all go dark and I cannot see anything but nevertheless the bird gains speed. I can take off, but after a short while I loose control of the cat, and it starts to spin around. I cannot see a problem, prolly stabs turn off as well when the displays and HUD turn black?! Any ideas what is happening with my sim?
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