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  1. Ich gebe die Antwort selber. Ich sollte Querruder auswählen und mit links-rechts des Joysticks belegen. Nicht Seitenruder. Die Empfindlichkeit läßt sich ebenfalls im Steuerungs menu ändern.
  2. Hallo, Ich bin kein Neuling bei Flugsimulatoren. Ich flog etliche Stunden bei P3D in der Aerosoft F-14 X. Da hat alles ohne Probleme für mich funktioniert. Nun habe ich ein Problem meinen MS Sidewinder Precision 2 beim MFS 2020 einzurichten. Das Problem, was hauptsächlich besteht ist, dass das Seitenruder nicht funktioniert. Ich habe die Seitenruder Achse festgelegt auf die Rechts-links Achse des Joysticks. Im Flugzeug kann ich über diese Achse aber nicht das Steuerhorn bewegen. Das Höhenruder läßt sich ohne weiteres regeln per Joystickachse, nicht so das Seitenruder. Kann mir jemand einen Tip geben? Dann noch eine weitere Frage: Läßt sich die Empfindlichkeit des Höhenruders variieren? Kleinste Bewegungen des Joysticks bewirken heftigste auf-ab Bewegungen des Flugzeugs. Die Empfindlichkeit ist mir viel zu hoch. Vielen Dank für Eure Tips.
  3. Hallo, ich vermute, dass Du bei den Filtern links unten noch einstellen musst, welche Sachen denn im mittleren Fenster angezeigt werden sollen. Schalte einmal auf "alle", dann sollte da etwas erscheinen.
  4. OK, Problem No.1 is solved. In case someone wants to know this is what did the job: In the item before the problematic check one is to set Flaps and Slats down. You need to make sure, that the Flaps Handle is placed at the "dn" marking. Then go throught the next checks as described, but when you set the Master Test switch to "Stick SW" wait for the green "go" light. After the green light pops up make sure to set the Master Test Switch to "off" again before swithcing Antiskid to Off! This should to the trick!
  5. Guys, again I moved my F-14 Tomcat out of its hanger. I fly it in P3D V4. The problem getting stuck in Checklist still exists, but I managed to work around the problems. Still, this isn't the comfortable way so I decided to gather my information. Perhaps some techman from Aerosoft or another user can help to find a solution for the problems. Getting the checkmark at the followings steps is sometimes "random". Sometimes it works, sometimes it does not. 1. Flight Controls- Cycle DLC - ON Antiskid - Spoiler BK Master Test - Stick SW Antiskid - OFF Flaps and Slats - Up This checklist item seems to be buggy or the steps show a wrong description. After going through all checks as described, I won't get the checkmark for it. Clicking the checkbox in front of this item does not show any effect. I managed to get the checkmark by running through all the checks as described, doing it again, this time the flaps not fully down (this is step before this check -> Flaps and slats DOWN (I do get the checkmark for this). Mostly I do not get the checkmark running throught the test twice, so I start to lower the manouver flaps manualls, click the DLC button, cycle the stick and so on. Sometimes I get the checkmark when roughtly move any wings, flaps or spoilers again and again. Sometimes I won't. And that's frustrating somehow. Sometimes it helps to click on the item box of the following check: set manouver flaps. I'd be glad, when someone can help me with that problem. 2. Prestart there is a check, where ones ought to crank up the right engine. This works perfectly. The next steps: Set right master Gen to off, Fuel Press Off do not work when done manually. First, the master Engine Lever is already set to "off" after cranking up the right engine (and for the left engine it's the same problem) and I cannot see a way how to set the Fuel Press to off. The next item in the checklist is 'engine start instrument check' Sometimes this is hard to get the checkmark too. I managed to work around the problem. I crank in this case the right engine up, then click the checkbox in the checklist where the item Master Gen and Fuel Press is listed. This item gets the checkmark, the engine startup instrument check sometimes does get the checkmark, sometimes it doesn't. In case the checkmark does not show up there is nothing I can do but restarting the scenario. I hope you can understand what I mean. Sorry for my my english. It got a bit rusty. Thanks for your help guys. I will make a tutorial video for the checklists in case we find a reliable solution to the problem getting stuck in checklist. Cheers.
  6. This might have been already asked, but I would like to know if the manual, included in the Premium Deluxe Edition, will be comparable to the manual that came with the FSX Box tons of years ago? I loved making my way through the flightschool in former times... Thank you for your help!
  7. Hi everybody. I moved my F-14 out of its hangar and was looking forward to fly it in P3D V4. Making my way through checklist I ran into a problem. Its in the category "Spoiler Check" in Prestart list. The steps one has to check are the following: Flight Controls- Cycle DLC - ON Antiskid - Spoiler BK Master Test - Stick SW Antiskid - OFF Flaps and Slats - Up Problem is, that I do not get the checkmark after doing all the steps. I cycle the Flight Controls, push the DLC Button (White button left side of flightstick- clicks into place), toggle the Antiskid - Spoiler lever (left side console.... from this point I don't know if I am still on line) Master Test Switch is set to Stick SW Turn Antiskid lever back to OFF Move the Flaps back up As mentioned I do not get the checkmark An additional thing I noticed is, that the white DLC ENGAGE Button clicks out of place when I toggle the Antiskid spoiler lever... I think this happens after moving this lever. I check it again later. Perhaps somebody can help me. Thanks guys!
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