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FSMap Reinstall, FSX.

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I'm having a problem reinstalling FSMap in FSX after changing from HDD to SSD.

FSMap worked well for several years on my PC but is now giving me this message: "the trial period has ended".

When this happens, maps do not load and the FSMap display remains dark.

I downloaded a trial key but this has a trial period of 30 days and it won't let me load more than two maps.

My previous installation allowed me to load 12 sectional charts (USA) and had no trial period.

Does anyone know how I might get this to work as it did before?

I hope everyone is well.



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  • Deputy Sheriffs

It's not clear from your post if you're trying to keep using this as a trial app or you actually purchased it. If the latter, I suggest simply downloading it again from your store account and reinstalling in the desired new location.


If the former, then your extended trial finally caught up with you and you'll need to purchase a proper license to regain functionality. Here's a link to the shop page for FSMap.

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