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Suggestion, if I may


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Just purchased the DC8. I have spent a number of hours studying the plane and am beginning to thoroughly enjoy it. Getting the airplane engines going from cold and dark was a huge hurdle for me to clear, but after spending time I have fully mastered it and can do it with confidence. From paging through numerous realworld aircraft manuals I can see just how accurate everything is - well done and my sincere thanks to the developer (I believe it's Michael). I have also managed, after spending a few hours, to master the fuel system.

Now my two suggestions if I may:

1.  Could you please add a tooltip so when you move the mouse over the IAS gauge and the Mach speed gauge that you get an actual speed/mach read-out.

2.  The engine thrust, at slower speeds below M0.6, is too much. The plane climbs too quickly, according to the manuals I have, below 20 000 feet. Could the thrust in this area be decreased somewhat ?  Above 20 000 feet the climb speeds appear to match the manuals.


Once again, thank you. This plane has increased the enjoyment of my hobby (especially now during lockdown!!).



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