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Can't activate launch bar on carrier deck

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I have this issue on a carrier deck where I cannot get the aircraft to kneel and attach the launch bar to the catapult. I press either "kneel" in the cockpit or "crtl-w" on the keyboard, and the launch bar will start to extend, then hesitate and try to return to the stowed position. If I press shift -i to attach to the catpult, it will kneel and extend the launch bar, but the catapult will not function and the aircraft does not launch.


My current system is Windows 10 and I have AS_F-14-EXTENDED_FSX-FSXSTEAM_V202.exe as my copy of the F14 download.

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I recall a similar issue in the old FSX... Can't remember if it was caused by an obsolete FSUIPC version, but the most important thing with the 14X is to use only the cockpit switch, not key combos... I need to check in the archives if I find the FSX settings/mods/tweak doc.

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