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  1. Ops, no, mine was a different problem, apologize for the intromission.
  2. I recall a similar issue in the old FSX... Can't remember if it was caused by an obsolete FSUIPC version, but the most important thing with the 14X is to use only the cockpit switch, not key combos... I need to check in the archives if I find the FSX settings/mods/tweak doc.
  3. Thank you for the reply! Best regards.
  4. I'll try to explain better the situation: the last installer uses the external add-ons folder also for P3D V3, so not only it puts the add-on.xml inside Prepar3D v4 Add-ons but also put the simobjects in a folder not visible by TacPack for P3D V3. I've did some testing and found that: -loadout manager doesn't work. -carrier is missing from TPM -Animations (throttles, wing sweep, ...) aren't working. -Standby AI has not been fixed. Don't know if performance issues (probably caused by the excessive texture resolution and some
  5. I can confirm that P3D V3 installer put the files in the wrong places, it's not a good thing since if you move the files where they should be than you cannot do a clean unistall. I've reinstalled previous version, until V3.0 installer has been fixed. For the fonts problem: no need to reinstall P3D, simply open windows registry, search and delete fonts\F-14X_LANTIRN entries, than restart windows and you can delete the font file.
  6. Another sunset... Maybe with more realistic colors? (REX sometimes goes crazy) Happy Holidays!!!
  7. The only thing that I'm gathering is a long collection of 1st wire traps!
  8. Immagine the turbulence and wind shear at final...
  9. Convert the screenshots in JPG format, for reduce the file size, and upload them with the "choose files..." below. Over Sardinia... ...It's BBQ TIME!!!
  10. AS F-14X flight dynamics are fantastic, maybe it's time to move to P3D? Cheers.
  11. Yes Weaponeer, it was a Phantom... I've uploaded the wrong pic! By the way, Victory103 said it right: some models used as substitute of the VRS Drone can cause CTD, like happens with the Tornado (MAIW), the Aerosoft SU27 is fine but requires a lot of resources. ...Sluggers!!!
  12. Yep! I use the model of a Panavia Tornado... LANTIRN in use:
  13. I want the Sluggers!!! ...Meanwhile I continue with practice. http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x43bx7c_aerosoft-f-14x-v2-01-landings_videogames ILKG: stop killing innocent civilians!
  14. V2.01 cruise from LIPA to ETAR...
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