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Problems with Tollis A319 and XP11

Stefano C.

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Hello everyone!

I had in my last few flights very often Problems with my XP11. 

the following Log.txtLog.txt File Issue:

0:54:26.555 W/REN: reno.use_detail_textures = 1, reno.use_bump_maps = 1
0:54:26.555 W/REN: Material: lib/g10/terrain10/sp_vcld_wet_grass.ter
0:54:26.555 E/UTL: tex_params.x: 0.202853 != 0.000792
0:54:28.527 E/SYS: +-------------------------------------------------------------------------------
0:54:28.527 E/SYS: | Shader material out of sync
0:54:28.527 E/SYS: | This is most likely caused by a plugin modifying art controls
0:54:28.527 E/SYS: | Please try running without plugins and see if the problem persists
0:54:28.527 E/SYS: | Bitte sehen Sie sich die Datei Log.txt näher an, um eine detaillierte Information zum Fehler zu erhalten.
0:54:28.527 E/SYS: | (OGL_terrain_shader_material.cpp:331)
0:54:28.527 E/SYS: +-------------------------------------------------------------------------------
--=={This application has crashed!}==--

I don`t know when i had a last great Flight without issues. The XP11 has crasht about 15mins after Taking Off from LSZH @ FL100 with the Tollis A319 (Great Plane)
All other Crashes has coming between Takeoff`s or Midflights.

Hope everyone can help me to resolve any issues.  Thx!

Best Greetings


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  • Administrator



may be your installed xEnviro is the reason.... 

As I know XEnviro will change art controls...

But I am not sure.


may be it is an idea to delete xEnviro from the plugins folder (make a backup before!! )

And then test agin.


Also other self installed plugins can cause such errors...


Greets Heinz

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