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  1. Hello Heinz I have disactivated xEnviro 1.13, then the Sim has no issues on my Flight. Have you any solutions how to fly with xEnviro 1.13 without issues? Thx! greetings Stefano
  2. Hello Heinz I will try this and look for next flight if is xE1.13. Is very difficult, because i can`t fly my flights since any time because allways come`s an issue. will try and give you a feedback greetings Stefano
  3. Hello everyone! I had in my last few flights very often Problems with my XP11. the following Log.txtLog.txt File Issue: 0:54:26.555 W/REN: reno.use_detail_textures = 1, reno.use_bump_maps = 1 0:54:26.555 W/REN: Material: lib/g10/terrain10/sp_vcld_wet_grass.ter 0:54:26.555 E/UTL: tex_params.x: 0.202853 != 0.000792 0:54:28.527 E/SYS: +------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 0:54:28.527 E/SYS: | Shader material out of sync 0:54:28.527 E/SYS: | This is most likely caused by a plugin modifying art controls 0:54:28.527 E/SYS: | Please try running without plugins and see if the problem persists 0:54:28.527 E/SYS: | Bitte sehen Sie sich die Datei Log.txt näher an, um eine detaillierte Information zum Fehler zu erhalten. 0:54:28.527 E/SYS: | (OGL_terrain_shader_material.cpp:331) 0:54:28.527 E/SYS: +------------------------------------------------------------------------------- --=={This application has crashed!}==-- I don`t know when i had a last great Flight without issues. The XP11 has crasht about 15mins after Taking Off from LSZH @ FL100 with the Tollis A319 (Great Plane) All other Crashes has coming between Takeoff`s or Midflights. Hope everyone can help me to resolve any issues. Thx! Best Greetings Stefano
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