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PFPX freezes when calculating certain routes

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I keep having freezes at random times when computing certain flights. I have tried PFPX generated routes as well as real world routes. Here is the details of my most recent flight. 






using a template from the PFPX Boeing 767-300ER Performance Profiles Pack 2.1 I found here on this website. I dont usually have issues, but for some reason it keeps hanging here.

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Firstly ensure that you have the latest vcredist files installed from HERE


If using a 64bit system install both x86 and x64 options.




I have no issues with your route using the 763 profile I have in use here.


Should the problem persist provide the aircraft registration file in use from C:\Users\Public\Documents\PFPX Data\Aircraft


Post a snapshot of the planning screen showing at least the Aircraft, Payload and Fuel sections


What weather source and AIRAC provider/cycle is in use.



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