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Mega Airport Brussels X problems with PAPI


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Hi there,

a few days ago i downloaded the actual version 1.01 of this wonderful

airport, and though in 1.01 the papi lights should have been fixed,

i have the problem, that i can´t see any PAPI´s until a few seconds before

touchdown (see the picture runway 25R) and when they appear,

there are always "4 red" - even if i´m on the correct glideslope.

Thanks for help


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I know that they come a bit late in view, and it's not easy when you come in for a landing manually with a Boeing 747, but I think that this is being done so to cause not an fps hit.

As the further away you can see these papi lights, the greater will the fps hit for take off and landings become, even when taxiing towards the papi's when the opposite would normally have to occur due to having less buildings in sight for instance. I know, I have given some UK2000 Extreme airporst a quite extensive and thorough testing. And there the papi's of Stansted and Bristol with me can be seen from 13 to 15 nm away from the airport, even further away thus than those of the default airports, while the ones of Gatwick only from about 2 to 3 nm away.

Well, I don't have problems to take off and land at Gatwick, but it's as good as impossible to take off or properly land at Stansted and Bristol because those papi's are made too bright, and causes therefore such a destruction on the fps that it makes the entire airport unusable no matter the effort that has been put in developing it not to mention that you won't see much of the beautiful Horizon scenery or any other scenery for that matter when you even on a high spec computer would have to put multiple sliders so much down to compensate the hit that flying over it becomes as good as not very interesting at anymore. And by the way, it will not correct the fault that has been made here at the end, but only result in an ostrich solution.

Worst of all are there also bad afcads created for Gatwick for instance and Stansted for so far as I know during my tests, and they bluntly refuse to accept their fault in this, trying to use ACES and Microsoft as cheap scapegoats while it's clearly their own fault as they threw away the guidelines and rules wherewith the ATC really works and how ACES has programmed it to work perfectly.

So let's hope that as is said that an update for SP2 for these UK extreme aiprots is forthcoming and that these others issues will be dealt with as well if they can step down from their Dais hopefully.

However, to return to the topic must I say that when I come in for a landing manually with a Boeing 747 or any other plane for that matter that the papi lights really are white and red with me. So I can only guess that when you say that you land on the ILS autopilot with 4 red papi's that the problem could perhaps lay not with the papi, but with the position of the ILS to the Runway.

And this is something only the developer can explain about, or people who know their way around the Brussels Airport, perhaps even pilots themselves who frequently do arrive at this airport in real life.

Hope that someone can clarify this matter sometime soon because based on my manual landings and the visual contact with the papi, then I seem to land on the perfect spot on the Runway while still having 2 with and 2 red papi's shining, even in the 747. But hey, I'm not a real pilot and so can't neither really tell if that really is the perfect spot at all of course.

Edit: Just got a message from one of the UK2000 extreme afcad developers, and they finally will see into it and try to make a new one. Let's hope that it will be running perfect and smoothly afterwards.

Edit bis: Found just even a way to get the papi's problem temporarily solved till the SP2 update would become available by just deleting the papi bgl file in those UK2000 Extreme Airports' folder in question.

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Yes I hope so too, and that it doesn't diminish the quality of the fps, but then I think that this can only be done when the entire airport would be updated to FS SP2 like they have done with Mega Budapest.

I dunno know about Heathrow, meaning in how the papi works there, but it is said to be fully SP2 compatible, and as Matthijs stated with a good fps as well at the same time.

So maybe Matthijs or others who have Heathrow can shed some light about it, and how the papi works there. If it's much better, then there will sit the answer to other papi's on Mega Airports who don't yet work as good yet, or come in to view a bit too late to be perfect.

Matthijs: Where are you??? :) :wink:

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I thought it to be going about the Mega Brussels airport.

After all, this is a thread about that airport.

So I suppose that it was about another update for Mega Brussels unless he has just created a new 1.01 patch instead of naming it let say a 1.02 patch, or update 2 thus.

Don't tell me Shaun that Aerosoft has lost his uploaded update and we are back again into the same situation as once before with the very first update drama.

Well, it at the end worked out fine, so I'm sure that this will be sorted out just fine as well. At least I hope so. :? :)

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I downloaded and installed the "Mega Brussels" for FSX SP1 yesterday and noticed also that the Pappi lights do not show from any distance until you are almost very near the runway. The papi lights are all showing red even when performing an auto-land with glideslope. Has this been fixed with a patch? This is all very unrealistic! Those papi lights are there for a reason and is an important aid to pilots when coming in to land.


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I installed the PAPI lights patch which I downloaded from your FAQ/Update section on the Aerosoft website, just after installing the main product with a re-boot in between of course, but the patch for some reason doesn't appear to have made any difference at all. The PAPI lights just do not show up at all until ones backside is almost touching the runway. :shock:



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I don't know.

I think that there will be no update forthcoming to this regard, or it ran into big problems.

Maybe the best solution is the same one that I once had used with the UK2000 Stansted airport by deleting the papi light file in the folder where it was stored.

This reverts the system to the default papi lights of FSX itself, which are no problem to see from afar.

I myself have not tested this on Brussels, but just deleted the file now and put it safe into another folder that I called FSX backup so that I in case can always retrieve it back.

But it worked on Stansted and afterwards there even no fps hike anymore either, and back a smooth drive as well.

Will report back on it when I checked it out if it worked within probably few hours from now in the late afternoon or early evening.

P.S. the file itself is called ebbr_papi.bgl

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Thanks very much indeed for your reply and possible solution. I do hope you don't forget to report back here to let us know if it works or not. In the meantime, I'll have a go myself at deleting the file you mention. I will make a backup of course. I won't be able to get round to doing this until the weekend so hopefully, you will beat me to it.

Best regards,


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Alas :( , it seems that deleting the papi file in this scenery won't do the trick like with those UK2000 problematic airports with the papi before their SP2 update.

With the UK airports the default papi returned in its stead, but here when you delete the file, then there will be no papi at all, nor the default one either.

So yes, it will be up to Cornel for this one if there really will come one for those who need it.

But in the mean time it's a good practice to see if you can calculate the distance correctly, and can make a proper descent without its help, then just when you're almost going for touch down so you could see if you were right or wrong.

A luck that the runway is long enough for at least a few passenger planes, but then again I heard that the FSX planes do brake much faster than the real ones in real life.

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Thanks for trying that out at least. Oh well. I hope a patch can be fixed for this solution because if not, then I may be asking for a refund!. It's a great airport addon for sure but it has to work. After all, I wouldn't buy a car if the lights didn't work with no prospect of them getting fixed. It's the principal of it all. I'm actually quite annoyed about this to be honest! I sometimes wonder why I continue to bother with this whole PC flight Sim affair with nothing but problems with certain addons.

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Well, in case of, then you still have Tom Clancy's Vegas 2 coming out soon on PC, and later his HAWX and End Game.

And HAWX seems to be going to be flying with an F16, a sort of GRAW style thing, but now you will be in the air instead of on the ground for what I understand. I think some to many flight simmers will perhpas go for this game.


And this is the link for End Game:


(this game you will be able to play it fully with voice command, meaning with your own voice)

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