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EKVG misalignement ILS 30

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Hi there


I am using the latest version of XP (11.41) and love this beautiful EKVG scenery. Unfortunately the localiser of the ILS 30 is misaligned with the Runway and should not be offset according to the charts.


As far as i know the ILS are coming from the default NAV-datas of X-Plane, right?


Do you know where i can report this so that it will be fixed for the next update of navdatas? Or how can i get the correct LOC for RWY 30?


Thanks for your help!



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Hi Matthias


Thanks for your feedback.


You can see the approach charts below. The course of 305 degrees is exactly the same as the RWY-heading. But if i fly from ROBUR to VG907 i cannot intercept the LOC at that point, since the localiser is way more to the left of my course. And if i try to go catch it on the left and follow it, i will approach the Runway from the side, even with zero winds. So the problem is that the localiser doesnt match with the RWY heading. That means the localiser-course is shown wrong in my sim.


I am using datas from navigraph but not sure which datas exactly are being used for the ILS, since i have 2 different "earth_nav" fiiles: a default one under H:\X-Plane 11.41\Resources\default data, and another one under H:\X-Plane 11.41\Custom Data that is being updated every months by navigraph.


Strangely both say the same:

 4  62.067677778   -7.293527778      282    11030    18    300.112   MF EKVG EK 30 ILS-cat-I
 6  62.059377778   -7.265019444      282    11030    18 350300.112   MF EKVG EK 30 GS


Does it work on your system? If yes, where do you have the correct datas from?


Thanks again and best wishes,



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On 7.2.2020 at 19:29, Franz008 sagte:

Does it work on your system? If yes, where do you have the correct datas from?


I tested with XP11.41r1 and without any navigation data add-ons, and when I fly from ROBUR to VG907 I can intercept the LOC at that point.

I see, that XP ships two contradictory datasets for EKVG, but I assume, that the second data set located in "Global Airports" is in use:


Resources/default data/earth_nav.dat:

4  62.067677778   -7.293527778      282    11030    18    300.112   MF EKVG EK 30 ILS-cat-I

6  62.059377778   -7.265019444      282    11030    18 350300.112   MF EKVG EK 30 GS

12  62.059377778   -7.265019444      282    11030    25      0.000   MF EKVG EK VAGAR DME-ILS


Global Airports/Earth nav data/earth_nav.dat:

4  62.06767600 -007.29326200    276 11030  26     298.030 MF   EKVG   EK 30  ILS-cat-I

6  62.05942300 -007.26491800    275 11030  10  350298.030 MF   EKVG   EK 30  GS

12  62.05942300 -007.26491800    275 11030  25       0.000 MF   EKVG   EK 30  DME-ILS


Mind, that we don't provide custom navigation data with Faroe Islands XP. So you should encounter your issue also when you disable Faroe Islands XP. Isn't it?
Due I read about a similar report at x-plane.org, I wonder, what aircraft do you use and if you can reproduce the issue also with one of the XP default aircraft?

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Thanks for your reaction! Yes i am sure that i would encounter that problem even if iwouldn't use your scenery. The problems comes form the nav datas and not from your scenery 🙂


Actually i deleted "Global Airports", so X-Plane must pick my navdatas from an other folder. So it looks like the navdatas from navigraph are wrong and have been fixed by the "The X-Plane Scenery Gateway". I will try to use the navdata of "Global Airports" an look how it looks then.


Thanks very much again for your help!

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