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  1. Hallo Ich habe auf Aerosoft die Scenery Baku für X-Plane gekauft und habe gelesen, dass diese auf Version 1.3 aktualisiert wurde. Leider sehe ich in meinem Konto nur die Version 1.0. Könnt ihr mir sagen, ab wann ich die neue Version herunterladen kann? Danke & LG Franz
  2. Ah thanks very much. Learned something new again 🙂 And i tried it again and now indeed it passed the validation. Again, thanks very much for your great help!
  3. Thanks. Are you using to find the routes? Because i just discovered that page and had much more success. When i enter your route in PFPX i still don't get any IFPS validation. And how can i force PFPX to respect the different altitudes coming from the flightplan? Because even when entering the flightplan with the altitude restrictions like N0365F240, PFPX deletes them and calculates its own altitudes. And there is still something i cannot logically understand: sometimes i get an error "XY not available beetween FL245 and FL999" by validating for example an altitude of FL280. But when entering FL380 suddenly it passes the validation without giving the same warning although i did not change the route. So thats quite unlogical for me...
  4. Thanks but i was searching for a departure from Innsbruck (LOWI) and not from Vienna (LOWW) 😉 And by turning the restriction off, does that mean that in reality this route would not pass the validation? What would be the route in reality that would be accepted?
  5. Hi there I'm having massive problems getting a route validation inside Europe. This time i planned a flight beetween LOWI/26 and ELLX/24 and couldn't find any route that passed the validation, no matter which altitude i tried (below FL245 or above). I tried different routes and always had more than 10 different errors showing up. Can someone help me getting a route that passes the validation? After 45 minutes i give up 😞 Thanks and cheers Franz
  6. Yes! It worked! Thanks very much for your help Stephen.
  7. Ah i see, thanks...but why is there no "The flight plan has passed IFPS validation"? When everything's fine i get this message:
  8. Ah thanks for the advise. I didn't know that option. I tried to change it to "OPEN MAX" and the flightplan now went to FL320. But when computing it, i get 8 errors again and no validation passed...
  9. Thats what i made (i entered FL 335 for max Alt/FL) but it still either limits it to FL200 and/or it cannot validate it....
  10. Yes but it doesnt change the fact that when computing this flight, PFPX limits it to FL180/FL195. So i cannot know how much fuel i need if i perform it at FL280 or FL320. And the second problem is that when computing this (before validated) flight, it generates a lot of errors and the flight isn't valide anymore.
  11. And what exactly do i enter into PFPX? Because this route is not validated by PFPX and still limit the altitude to FL180.
  12. Thanks. No it get a lot of messages and no correct validation....
  13. Hi I never found a valid route form LSZH to LFPG that goes above FL180. PFPX calculates the route via the airway T51 that is limited to FL195. So the maximnum Flight Level will be FL180. That's not realistic. And if i choose a direct insetad of the airway T51 form VEBIT to LASUN, i got a lot of messages from PFPX saying that my route is not valid. Can someone help me find a valid route that goes above FL180? In real planes are flying beetween FL280 and FL320 on this route. Thanks and cheers Franz
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