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A330 Checklist - ViewFocus - ChasePlane -


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The new update has now been released which includes major changes of the ViewFocus feature. Enabling this feature (MCDU3 OPTIONS / CHECKLIST / VIEWFOCUS = ON) automatically changes (when the CL is running) the VC view and focus on the just relevant part of the VC. The detailed ViewFocus changes are:

  • Various views have been aligned with checklist items
  • If the aircraft is moving in the Checklist now breaks between various checks / settings are implemented. During those breaks the standard VC view is called (looking outside). This enables the user still to steer the aircraft even when the CL is running.
  • ViewFocus now also works if ChasePlane is used. In such a case just also in the MCDU3 OPTIONS / CHECKLIST menu set VF CHASEPLANE additonally to ON.



The other changes implemented and released with the new update are:


  • Timing start DESCENT PREP CL changed (starts 5 NM earlier)
  •  GSX-Pushback – Good Engine Start PF call added and call modified (no GSX confirmation necessary anymore)
  • Parking – Dome lights are automatically switched on, Cones are set and GPU-unit connected
  • Copilot now also sets FO Baro settings


  • Timing Seatbelt Announcement CLIMB: Adapted to OVHD switch setting




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