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World Map Missing Lines In Route Editor?

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Hello, I noticed a few days ago that the world map specifically when using the route editor (the map appears normally at the home screen) function appears very glitched and is missing a few features to it. (See Below) The boundary and route lines are completely missing making it very cumbersome and irritating when trying to plan flight routes. So far I've tried uninstalling PFPX, updating PFPX to the latest version (2.03), updating windows, updating my AMD 450 graphics card, and updating my boot camp drivers (I'm running Windows 10 on my 2017 Macbook Pro 15") all to no avail. Has anybody else here ever experienced this issue before? What did you do in order to solve it?



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1 hour ago, Krisz707 said:

you sell this for 53 euros and you dont know?


So you somehow believe that when you purchase this product for 53 Euros there is an automatic transfer of all details of each individual computer system (hardware and software configuration) of each customer to the support department? And there are regular automated updates of this information as it usually changes over time?


Interesting thougt, but sorry to say, the world works a little bit differently.


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