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  1. SOLVED: Fixed it by messing around with my graphics card's settings app. I created a custom profile for PFPX and it worked. Appreciate the help though.
  2. UPDATE: I have been able to get PFPX to run as normal when running Windows in Safe Mode, but the issue is still present when running in normal mode.
  3. Hello, I noticed a few days ago that the world map specifically when using the route editor (the map appears normally at the home screen) function appears very glitched and is missing a few features to it. (See Below) The boundary and route lines are completely missing making it very cumbersome and irritating when trying to plan flight routes. So far I've tried uninstalling PFPX, updating PFPX to the latest version (2.03), updating windows, updating my AMD 450 graphics card, and updating my boot camp drivers (I'm running Windows 10 on my 2017 Macbook Pro 15") all to no avail. Has anybody else here ever experienced this issue before? What did you do in order to solve it?
  4. Hello, I’m having issues with PFPX’s performance and want to perform a reinstallation of it, however I currently have around 5000 routes saved within the program that I do not want to lose. Is there some kind of master directory where all of the saved routes within PFPX are stored? I’ve tried looking for it (if one exists) and can’t find any such thing. Is there any way to reinstall the program while keeping the routes within the program intact? If I were to export all the routes to a separate folder and uninstall PFPX, is there a certain directory I could place them in where PFPX would still recognize them?
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