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Elevator/aileron flutter during playback

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Hi folks,


Firstly I am really enjoying the new A330, it's lovely to fly and the modelling is excellent. I particularly love the gear animation on touchdown, which is something no one has been able to get close to correct until now.


One thing that is causing me a bit of frustration is the control surfaces during playback. I use Chaseplane to replay when capturing video footage, and although I have disabled FBW, I am still getting problems with the elevator and ailerons flapping up and down. I've done a few videos with the A330 for my channel, and this can be seen in all of them to varying degrees. Is this something that Aerosoft are aware of, and is it something that can be fixed (or reduced)? 


I tend to replay at 1/4 speed in order to get smoother footage, and I think that may be partly what's causing the problem, but it would be nice if this can be resolved.


Anyway, thank you for a great addon and for rolling out so many updates already - it's great to finally have a decent long haul airbus in the fleet!

Kind regards,


The problem can be seen in my most recent video with the A330 here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OaoKSBCnNK8&lc=z220eljzet3bh5kw104t1aokgc4b54qmtqy0btjlibo2rk0h00410.1577636657545230


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