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  1. Hi there, Thanks for your reply - yes I discovered that shortly after I posted, that was the problem! Thanks for taking the time to respond. I did note that we're currently on a single track system which makes sense given the limited air traffic. Thanks again, tjf
  2. Hi there, Hoping someone can help. I have an active server subscription for PFPX that expires next year, but my TRK button on the maps page is always greyed out and unavailable. Is there a setting I'm missing somewhere? I'd be grateful if someone can advise. My OS is Windows 10 Professional 64bit. Kind regards, tjf
  3. Finally! I was wondering if someone was going to take on this repaint I'd imagine it is fiendishly difficult to get exactly right in all lighting conditions, although there are repaints out there for the PMDG 747 and QW787 that sort of come close. The latter has the metallic effect, but the red is too 'orangey' rather than that lovely cherry red it is in reality. Best of luck with this one!
  4. The passive aggressive sarcasm is a bit uncalled for. I don't think I was rude or excessively demanding in simply asking for a more detailed response. I am indeed a long term and active video content provider - I have been producing youtube content for FS since 2007, and have spent a great deal of money on Aerosoft products over the years. I am of course aware that there are problems with animation during replay in all the MSFS based versions. However this is not something that affects all aircraft to the same degree, and I do not have this particular problem with any other aircraf
  5. Dave, thanks for your reply on my question, but perhaps it would have been nice if you'd waited for me to respond, before closing the topic? I take it from the abrupt 'shut down', that this is not something Aerosoft are interested in discussing? I raised it because not all aircraft in P3D suffer from this issue. Therefore, I think it is simplistic to dismiss it as a purely P3D issue. Nevertheless, I do understand that Aerosoft are focusing their efforts on fixing 'live' issues. I think is a shame if Aerosoft are not interested in helping video creators, because we are h
  6. Hi folks, Firstly I am really enjoying the new A330, it's lovely to fly and the modelling is excellent. I particularly love the gear animation on touchdown, which is something no one has been able to get close to correct until now. One thing that is causing me a bit of frustration is the control surfaces during playback. I use Chaseplane to replay when capturing video footage, and although I have disabled FBW, I am still getting problems with the elevator and ailerons flapping up and down. I've done a few videos with the A330 for my channel, and this can be seen in all
  7. I too experienced this very same issue when flying into YSSY yesterday. Flew the approach 4 times and had exactly the same behaviour happen at roughly the same point, about 1-2nm before touchdown. Suddenly thrust was applied without reason, and the aircraft ballooned above the glideslope. On each occasion it was impossible to regain the glideslope, and the approach had to be aborted. Active Sky was not in use, I only had P3D weather in use, but the problem went away when I selected 'clear skies'. I've not seen this happen with any other aircraft add-on, there is clearly something going on here
  8. Cheers Dave, I will definitely PM you a link to the video as soon as it's online! Thanks for the interest as well, I really appreciate it I think you may be right about the approach speed, I will experiment a bit with lower speeds and see if I can get a better result on touchdown. And I will certainly give the honeycomb yoke some serious consideration, although it feels strange using a yoke when flying airbus aircraft! I've been using the Saitek X52 joystick for many years and have just upgraded to the pro version, which seems to work well. I'm sure there's a way to get everything working as
  9. Thanks Dave, that's very helpful. In this case I was landing with little or no wind, 135kts with full flaps and about 2-3 tons of fuel, so quite light. It's possible I was coming in slightly overspeed. The pitch attitude was no more than 0.25 nose up on approach. It's tricky to gauge because I set up the approach for filming, so it wasn't part of a full flight (that might be part of the problem). I will have a look at the tutorial flight as well though. Are there any recommended controller/joystick settings for the 64bit bus, or are these included in the tutorial? I've been using the AS bus si
  10. Hi everyone, First of all I'm completely open to the fact this may be down to my poor flying technique, or my controller setup, rather than a fault with the bus! However, I have noticed that it is very difficult (if not impossible) to lower the nose gently down onto the runway on landing with the AS A320 series. Most of the time I can get a smooth touchdown on the main gear, but when I try to lower the nose gently, it hovers in a pitch up attitude for a short time and then slams down into the runway. It feels almost as if there is a null zone where the controller has no input between thos
  11. Isn't a survey of Navigraph users somewhat limited? While a lot of Aerosoft customers might use Navigraph, I would say there's also a good chunk of them who don't. If this survey included all those people, I'd bet those statistics would show a much more pronounced move away from FSX.
  12. Hi Mathijs, Thanks for your reply, which is really appreciated. I hope I didn't come across as being critical of you or your team; I understand and support your action to suspend the forum. To be honest, I think most trolls don't really think very much about their actions, or how they might affect other people, but I dare say a few very sad people do actually take pleasure in spoiling things for others. They may have succeeded for now, but it's a hollow victory as it's one less platform for their vitriol. I've enjoyed Aerosoft's products for nearly 20 years now, and hope you will conti
  13. Thanks Herman Yes, I recall reading Mathijs's message and I totally understand and agree with his viewpoint. You guys are working hard on creating high quality add-ons, and made the unusual but very welcome decision to engage with your userbase and respond to our concerns. It's such a shame that so often it's the few who ruin it for the many, but I do hope you will find a compromise that enables sensible discussion without leaving you open to constant abuse. There are lots of us who really appreciate your work, and your refreshing approach to customer engagement, so please don't feel disheart
  14. Hi Mathijs, I couldn't find the post specifically about the A330 forum being closed, so apologies if this is in the wrong place! I just wanted to express my thanks to you and Aerosoft for the time you spend engaging with people on the forums. I also completely understand your reasoning for freezing it. I hope the freeze won't be permanent as I know a lot of us simmers really appreciate being able to discuss ideas, but I agree it was getting a bit bogged down with petulant "when will it be released" posts. Anyway best of luck and best wishes to you and the team, and I will cont
  15. Hi folks, firstly I'm really sorry if this question has been answered already, but I was a bit confused by what I've read so far and wanted to clarify the position. I've just added AES 2.08 support for UK2000 Heathrow Xtreme V2, and have found a config file for the Project Airbus A380. I've parked at an A380 gate in Terminal 4 (406) but only the L1 door has been connected to, even though the gate does have 3 jetways, as shown in the picture. Are there other gates at LHR that will connect with the upper deck door in Version 2, or is this feature not available for this particular scenery? Not a
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