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I've messed around with the PFPX.txt file to attempt at editing the OFP, but I have had no success so I'm reaching out here.


What I'm trying to change on the OFP is to be able to show Estimate Time of Arrivals for waypoints.  So if the departure time is set to 12:00, I should reach waypoint X at 13:05.  


Can someone please enlighten me on what to change in the OFP, if it's even possible?


Thanks, Carl

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I'm not aware of that capability in PFPX and it does not appear in the template guide.


You have a real world OFP using that format ?


It would seem rather strange, how can you be sure you will depart the runway at that exact time.

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Hello Carl,


I have never heard of such a feature on an OFP and it would not be realistic to have the ETA printed in advance for each WP.


Stephen is right as you would not know the exact TOFF time due to operational reasons or ATC constraints.


There is also lot of information to consider. When the OFP is printed and given to you by the OPS all the calculations have been done with known informations at the time of computing the OFP and wind, temperature, speed, FL, route, SID and STAR could be different when you start your flight as you may get a direct to a WP which is going to shorten your leg or to hold over a WP due to traffic and so on.


An interesting feature is the time remaining so when you are over a WP you would know (roughly) the ETA at destination and could give the information to the OPS or to the destination airport when you fly in remote places who do not have full ATC facilities.





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