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Mathijs Kok

Known issues and comments

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We are aware that the EFB has some issues and these are discussed here.


CTD or not displaying

On some systems parts might now show, on other opening the LINKS and DOCS section might even crash the sim. Currently we do not know why that happens on some systems and not on the majority of systems. We are in contact with the developer of the websim module and he is assisting us in finding the cause.  What is sure is that we have never seen it on a fresh Windows 10 and a fresh P3d V4.5hf2. So most likely a changed default file in the sim (ohh how we hate those) or an incorrect windows system file is involved.  When you see this issue, would you be so kind as to check the event viewer of windows to see if there is an error and post it here?


White out

See here: https://forum.aerosoft.com/index.php?/topic/148582-white-out-display/&tab=comments#comment-954887


Navigraph charts not included

We had some issues including them but now have help from Navigraph so we expect them to be available very soon. 


No aircraft symbol on the chart

Unfortunately not all charts are geo-referenced and when they are not we are unable to show the aircraft symbol to indicate location and heading.  Navigraph seems to have a lead on this but as more charts are corrected coded more charts will work with this feature.


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