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Scenery airport Poprad-Tatry, LZTT for flight simulator P3D v4+

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Some models of static aerodrome services vehicles are migrating from Kosice, but will be partially edited. There will also be made exclusive cars that are at Poprad Airport based on old Tatra cars. Among them are a tanker, a snowplow, a machine for surface treatment of aircraft in the winter.
I am grateful to my new friends from Slovakia who helped me find photos of the above airfield cars.
In the meantime, work on the garage in LZTT is in full swing.






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Tatra "HASICI" can take its place in scenery.
Another model. An old cargo truck at the airport. Perhaps someone remembers the cars of the formerly East German Democratic Republic Industrieverband Fahrzeugbau, they created small electric cars, small trucks. We will have two models: the iFA W50 truck (first screen) and the IFA-Multicar 2577 electric car. After the merger of Germany, Industrieverband Fahrzeugbau returned to the fold of Mercedes and now produces Mercedes products.


About ten days I will be engaged in statics. What is planned: Mercedes tanker (modern model); on the base of the old Tatra "fire escape"; modern tractor for A320, B737; Mercedes-based car for surface treatment in winter; Mitsubishi L200 (administrative). Installation for start-up, hydraulics maintenance, fire-prevention Iveco will move from Kosice.









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Any work begins with an idea. So I choose the project. I look at the airport, read information on it, look for something unusual at the airport. I liked the airport Poprad - Tatry in that it is small, while at the same time its runway can take Boeing and Airbus. The airport is in the mountains. It combines retro style with modern. This is what I liked about LZTT.
Then models are created specifically for this airport.
Something I got into a conversation. The tanker is ready :)






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The idea is to place the Agusta and Bell helicopters in the hangar and in front of the ATE hangar.
Therefore, the two parts of the hangar are open.
Of course there will still be technical devices for maintenance.
Variations in the placement of models can change when the project is at the final stage, but for this helicopter models were created.






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Kosice update at this stage completed. It will take some time to prepare them. In the meantime, I returned to Poprad Airport. Even managed to do something.
Of course, a lot of work remains to be done, but it is interesting to watch how an idea is realized.
I can say that in Poprad there will immediately be a wet strip during rain, and puddles and PBR textures






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This is how parking near the flying club will look like.
In this file, of course, there will only be buildings, static models will be separate.
Perhaps I will make two parking lots for small aircraft at the flying club. There will also be a helipad nearby.
From static planes will be near the hangars Yak-40 Slovak Repablic







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For LZTT, a road junction is being created with a bridge located near the airport and one of the roads leads directly to the airport. The road passes over the bridge, next to the bridge and under the bridge. In addition, there will be a small bridge across the canal in front of the airport. Naturally along the road and on the bridge itself there will be fences, traffic signs.
This is only the initial layout of the road, I think in a few days I will finish it.





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Quite painstaking work that requires attention. But on the other hand, I learned a few new methods of working with 3D.
Along the road will be road signs, trees bushes. I also made a part of the railway on which I am thinking of launching an animated train. Several cars also drive along the road.







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Almost ready road. So the road looks today. Leveling ground polygons made with different heights, as the terrain is hilly. In the simulator I still do not show, although I do testing every day. I hope in April there will be licensed aerial photographs, after fitting, editing, arranging road signs and trees, bushes, it will be possible to show already in the simulator.







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The road turned out to be a really routine and long process. But in my opinion it is worth it.
I decided not to wait until I have my licensed aerial photographs made and show how the road looks today. So far without trees and signs.
A few screenshots from the flight simulator








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