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COM Radio FREQ mismatch

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I had the misfortune, while on the   ' Vatsim new Codec stress test Event '  recently  when I was calling the controller on the wrong channel, he was very busy and there were a lot of pilots on frequency.  It was embarrassing.   


I had entered the last controller's handoff  COM frequency into the Aivlasoft numeric input panel as shown...   but the last digit was changed to a  '0'  instead of a '5'

                         For example -               119.875  was  changed to 119.870  in the aircraft radio.


I think you have to  make the frequency steps in  8.33 Khz spacing.


I believe  8.33 Khz spacing is now adopted by the industry and  Vatsim uses this channel spacing,   mimicking real world.

It was hard to understand what had happened at first then to try and resync the aircraft radio.


Are there any plans regarding this ?




PS-   Maybe it's when the calculations are rounding up...   maybe if you calculate to   4  decimal places  and only display the  3  decimal places .


Just had a thought...  if the freq now has an extra 2 decimal places  (8.33 Khz)  then   a full freq could look like  119.87533 Mhz  maybe,   therefore you should calculate to 5 decimal places or 6 ?







Simconnect  shows capability for 6 decimal places...   



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After looking at it more ...   if when the A320 radios are set to a Vatsim frequency by the Flightbag Radio input panel  or  by clicking on the controllers freq from the 'Controller list'  as shown -




Then if I go back to the  Aircraft radio and the frequencies are out of step from      ---.-00  ---.-25  ---.-50  ---.-75       then  you could sort the code in the radio to step back into line with those steps at the next click of the rotary inner knob.


That would probably solve the problem.


e.g. -    If aircraft radio reads   126.820     and I turn the inner rotary knob to    126.925   then it would come back into sync and displays that   and not   126.920  as is happening now.






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The issue is that we try to support a lot of the hardware we sell and those can only use default P3D events and that causes the limitation. We do intend to look at it though.

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