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Computer Security Warning

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My friends,


Some years ago I was fortunate enough to receive formal training in computer security, and I have long recommended that flight simmers run Nortons, Bit Defender, or Kaspersky.  These are in my opinion and that of AVLABs are the best and most comprehensive security programs for PCs, and contrary to common belief the performance impact of this software is very minor. In fact, we mandated the use of the above security software in a private flight sim group I managed for 10 years, and if there was an adverse effect we would have seen it.  The only time I've seen an adverse effect of running such software was either because someone was running a different computer security product or if their system was an older computer which required them to significantly reduce their settings in order to maintain a decent frame rate.


This year a new virus that you should know about it running around the Internet.  It's called r.eablink and you can read  more about it at the links below.  Among other things, this virus specifically targets one of the most used browsers, Google Chrome, and it's something we all should at least now about.  Had it not been for my computer security, my system might have been compromised early today!


Please take a moment to at least consider running computer security on your systems, and familiarizing yourself with r.eablink.  This is a nasty one.







Best wishes!




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Thanks for the helpful info!
The worst of viruses is the leak of personal data and the threat to bank accounts. To store them, I use a separate computer that practically does not go on the network. I don’t trust Kaspersokm after he was the distributor of the virus several years ago. On a computer that is used to relax, surf the Internet, I use the standard tools of Windows 10.

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