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Version number of X-Plane scenery products

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Can you please start including the version number somewhere in the title of your scenery products for X-Plane.


Would make things so much easier when you try to figure out what version you're currently on.

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Reviving this thread since I just noticed there's actually a version.txt file in quite a number of your sceneries root folder. However, when opening it, it's blank?


So once again, please pretty please, make sure to include the version number for your airport scenery products for X-Plane going forward! And demand the same thing for the products where you're the publisher and not the developer.


It's really super annoying downloading a file simply called AS_AIRPORT-OSLO_XPLANE11.zip for example where you have absolutely no clue what version it is. Or thinking you might be able to figure out what version you're on by looking inside the folder. And you find this...with a blank version.txt file...



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