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AIRAC Folder Problem

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Hi Everyone, 


I just recently bought the latest AIRAC cycle and tried to install it into my Aerosoft folder using the installer given by Navigraph (I have a subscription to Navigraph). I switched the configurator located in the DLC Folder to Navigraph but the folder won't show up in my Airbus_Fallback folder, the folder that's suppose to be Navigraph is NavDataPro. I need help because I don't want to buy a subscription from NavDataPro


I use Steam Edition and bought the A320 from Steam

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I use Steam FSX, and my path is as follows, at one time mine was going to the wrong folder.


Correct place for Navigraph is in the Fallback folder below.


C:\ProgramFiles (x86)\Steam\Steamapps|common\FSX\DLC\500201\Aerosoft\Airbus_Fallback.


Hope this helps


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Am trying to install AIRAC 1910 into P3Dv4.5 for Airbus (A318,319,320&321 Professional Bundle) which was downloaded from Manual Install of Navigraph. I tried both ways i.e without directing Navigraph installer to any root folder and it installed into (C:\Users\aspra\OneDrive\Documents\Aerosoft\General\A3XX Navigraph) automatically and another way directing it to (P3DV4.5 D:\P3dV4.5\Aerosoft\Airbus_Fallback). Both ways did not help me, FMC in the bus still shows AIRAC 1905.  When I tried to install previous cycle AIRAC 1909 same thing happened.  To add, I changed to NAVIGRAPH in Airbus Configurator from NaviDataPro but no results. Could anyone let me know where am making error. 




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