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  1. Hi, Installed two liveries successfully through these old livery managers, but liveries not appearing in the aircraft list of P3Dv4.5
  2. Hi, Thank you. I deleted documents folder from OneDrive. AIRAC 1910 successfully installed and visible in FMC now. Regards, ASP Rao
  3. Hi, Am trying to install AIRAC 1910 into P3Dv4.5 for Airbus (A318,319,320&321 Professional Bundle) which was downloaded from Manual Install of Navigraph. I tried both ways i.e without directing Navigraph installer to any root folder and it installed into (C:\Users\aspra\OneDrive\Documents\Aerosoft\General\A3XX Navigraph) automatically and another way directing it to (P3DV4.5 D:\P3dV4.5\Aerosoft\Airbus_Fallback). Both ways did not help me, FMC in the bus still shows AIRAC 1905. When I tried to install previous cycle AIRAC 1909 same thing happened. To add, I changed to NAVIGRAPH in Airbus Configurator from NaviDataPro but no results. Could anyone let me know where am making error. regards, ASP Rao
  4. Hi Dave, i tried JetBlue A320 with IAE engine from LTAC to LTBA (LTAC SID YAVRU A4 ERKAL STAR LTBA) multiple times. After take off it loses power and crashes. Again tried with no live weather, it took off with difficulty but there was no T/D and descent preparation check list appeared. Now again I tried with no weather but after take off it started dropping altitude and crashed. Am little hesitant to uninstall and reinstall P3Dv4.3 as I have 70% of ORBX products, 90% of REX products, ENVTEX, ENVSHADE and ASP4 etc etc installed besides some mega airports and other add ons. I will keep exploring other models and wait for stable update. Thanks you for the support. Regards, ASP Rao
  5. Am also facing exactly same issue with A320 Professional
  6. Thank you for the support. Have a great times ahead.
  7. Thank you Hanse for your guidance and advice from Marvic helped me in resolving flight controls check in AFTER START CHECK LIST. Joystick controls sensitivity was low in P3D adjusted to 100 and it worked, also NUL zone sliders put to extreme left. One more thing I wanted your help, during Cockpit Preparation check list, I have to set Parking Brake manually when asked otherwise earlier it was automatically done during check list process. If I don't set parking brake manually check list will not move to next item.
  8. Thanks for the prompt response and suggestions. Let me check.
  9. Bringing forward from old thread: During after start check list, flight controls ( full left, full right etc etc) are not recognised by voice set though movement of Joystick in PFD and ECAM FCTL recognises very well. Uninstalled Logitech 3DPro joystick and reinstalled as well calibrated. But not responding during check. Joystick perfectly working in FSX on same computer during after check list process in all respects.
  10. After Start check list when flight controls are being asked to check FULL LEFT FULL RIGHT etc no audio response, I ought to skip this item and move to next point of check list.
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