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Hello everybody,


I'm having some issues entering flight plan altitude restrictions in a way that they actually appear in the ATC flightplan, so I can accurately validate it.


I want something like this:


-N0354F230 SULUS/N0405F310 UZ650 TIPAM T703 DEXIT DCT


An initial segment from departure to a specified waypoint to be flown in the lower airspace, with a climb into the upper airspace at a later stage when clear of Karlsruhe for example, as it is done frequently in Germany at the moment due to the ATC staffing issues.


Do I use the advanced page for that? If so, how and in what sequence?



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In this example enter the higher altitude at the next waypoint after the restriction at SULUS




-N0389F230 SULUS Z650 TIPAM/N0424F310 T703 ARBAX T108 OSTES T700
 EET/EDMM0017 EDUU0028 EDMM0036
 LOVV0044 RVR/75 PER/C

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