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  1. Just a heads up, the MSA values in the webbrowser are still very faint in comparison to the MORA values, see picture below.
  2. Checking I have the latest version here, it says 0.1.1 in my windows app aswell as online in Firefox, but on the homepage version is available for windows download? When I tried to install this the installer just prompted me that I was trying to uninstall the program, instead of updating it. Is 0.1.1 actually the most up to date version already?
  3. Windows 10 desktop software, LEMD AGC and APC terminal 1 etc., ILS charts not working, LEMD AGC (North configuration), SID charts working. Webbrowser Firefox latest version, all charts working. This has been happening more or less regularly as of late, kind of uncool... Have you guys changed something in the last couple months? I feel like never had these issues one or two years ago.
  4. Hello everybody, I'm having some issues entering flight plan altitude restrictions in a way that they actually appear in the ATC flightplan, so I can accurately validate it. I want something like this: -EDDF2100 -N0354F230 SULUS/N0405F310 UZ650 TIPAM T703 DEXIT DCT -LOWL0045 LOWS An initial segment from departure to a specified waypoint to be flown in the lower airspace, with a climb into the upper airspace at a later stage when clear of Karlsruhe for example, as it is done frequently in Germany at the moment due to the ATC staffing issues.
  5. Ah, man muß das Produkt bloß im Launcher aktivieren. Disregard
  6. Gude, in meinem FSX werden neben den schönen Custom Taxiwayschildern in Egelsbach noch die alten, FSX-Standard-Taxiwayschilder angezeigt, diese stehen leider mitten auf den Taxiways. Außerdem habe ich nachts überhauptkeine Beleuchtung, weder Runway- noch Taxiwaylights... Wer weiß worans liegen könnte? Grüße, LC
  7. Noone has answered this yet: Will present Nice X customers have to pay for the update or not?
  8. Hi, If I'm not mistaken, helicopter rotorblades tend to make a slapping noise in descent, a very nice feature on the dodo, is that not included then?
  9. Doesn't have an updatable database unfortunately
  10. Not untill now I suppose it doesn't have an updatable database, does it? That would really be nice though! If there's one thing the FS VFR community is still missing, it's a nice Garmin GPS with an updatable database, like a 495 or even a noble 695. Or a nice touchscreen Aera 500? Imagine cruising around in your average Piper with such a shiny, fresh device... With reporting points, current CTR and airspace layout, terrain database... If someone programmed something like that and offered monthly, even half annual cycles, I'd soooo buy that!
  11. Lest ihr eigentlich nicht das kleingedruckte...? Anfangs wurde ja schon erwähnt, dass man die spärlichen vorhandenen Ressourcen am Besten für Airports verwenden sollte, die es als Freeware noch gar nicht gibt/nocht nicht in Entwicklung sind: Dann würde ich raten, EDFM Mannheim erst mal beiseite zu lassen, Flightport hat ja wie gesagt davon schon eine sehr gute Umsetzung veröffentlicht, siehe hier http://www.flightport.de/index.php?id=367. Von den anderen Airports weiß ich noch von keiner Umsetzung oder deren Planung, also immer froh drauf los designen
  12. this is simply going to be one of THE best planes ever created for fsx. this project can easily compete with pmdgs md11, the love for details seems to be as big in marcel as it is in pmdgs developers hearts
  13. Thats a great gauge switching tool! It's really a blessing to see you concentrate on those details, that's what I also like about the old DA20 and the Do27 - the love for details.
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