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How to input Server Settings in EFB?

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In order to connect an external iPad to XP11 with FF A320, I would like to input User and pasword into the EFB settings page. But XP11 takes any keyboard input as commands instead of EFB input, even when blue focus frame is on EFB. How to input the server settings correctly, please?

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Hello Wölfel,


I cannot recreate it here. Both, the internal software keyboard and my hardware keyboard is working.


May be it worked, if you at first click on the small symbol at the right top corner of the blue border (of the EFB).

Then the software keyboard will appear.

Then click in the "USER" field (it will also get a blue border). 

And then type in the software keyboard your text....


I have tested it with the version 0.9.7.


See screenshot.


Greets Heinz



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