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Optimisation - not sure it works for me

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Hi all (and Stephen :) ),


I am just wondering - with the default RB211 747-400 file, I NEVER see any difference between NO optimisation and MIN Fuel.   I do see MIN TIME changes things.


Any idea of why this might be the case?  Is there something else I need to set?




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Hello chaps, any ideas on this matter?


Never get any variation, with any aircraft for that matter between min fuel and "no optimisation".  Can anyone else confirm this?  Especially with the default 747 RR?

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Hello Rudy,


I was planning the QFA9 Perth-London route for a friend and tried all four options in the aircraft selection box for each route find resulting in the following fuel load;


No optimization: 90865kg

Min Cost: 90167kg

Min Fuel: 90167kg

Min Time: 97267kg


The no optimization option resulted in a different route to the other three.

Min Fuel/Cost resulted in the same fuel load in this example as there is unlikely any benefit in routing through different airspace or I don't have the required data in PFPX. The profiles were similar also.

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