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Aerosoft Updater - P3D v4.? Sceneries

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There is and will be no list of supported addons. Only newer and upcoming addons make use of the ASUpdater. For older addons it wouldnt make sense at all as there are no updates for them.

In your case, both Cologne Professional and Madrid Professional are being supported by the ASUpdater.

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33 minutes ago, cirurgiao said:

After installing AS_updater will it check which Aerosoft's P3Dv4 sceneries in my PC a avaiable for updating? There is a mention about 7z too.

No it will not scan your PC.

Only newer addons support the ASUpdater. Whenever you install such an addon, it tells the Updater "hey, here I am". So when you run the ASUpdater he knows about the installed and supported addons and tells you when there is an update available.

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