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  1. Do we need to uninstall the current airport prior to updating? Paul K KGYR
  2. Mathijs...I understand the commercial value in providing subject update to Aerosoft Customers first. When will the update be available from simMarket or the Aerosoft Updater? Thank you, Paul K KGYR
  3. Update....I didn't have v1.1.2.0 installed as I originally thought. My bad...sorry about that. Downloading current version and anticipate no problems. Paul K KGYR
  4. Per the announcement on Digital Flight Wire...I have PANC Professional v1.1.2.0 and the Aerosoft Updater isn't recognizing it. Do I need to download and reinstall program? Paul K KGYR
  5. What current P3D v4.+ sceneries are currently supported by the AS Updater? I currently have EDDK and LEMD. Thank you. Paul K KGYR
  6. Tom...thank you for your response. I checked with simMarket after I posted my original message here and they confirmed that they hadn't received the update yet. I'll give it a couple of days and check again. On a side note...at simMarket the current version wasn't noted. Would be helpful if the version available was noted in the description. Paul K KGYR
  7. When will the update be available at simMarket? Thank you Paul K KGYR
  8. Recently purchased EDDK and activated the Updater. Are there any plans to include additional Aerosoft Professional Scenery products all ready available? Thank you, Paul K KGYR
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