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Lost VNAV desent with mulit Altitude constraints

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First of all sadly i cant give too much info as this happened a few days ago now but i will try the best i can .

I was doing a Flight from LPPR to LPPT using an A320 from TAP .. this is the route used ...LPPR runway 35 MANIK1W MANIK DCT XAMAX XAMAX7K LPPTrunway 03 at  Flight Level 290 , everything went fine until i think near PT405 then the desent went wrong .. it would not meet the rest of the constraints , now these Altitude contraints dont have a set hard Limit but a be at or above limit .. eg at ODLIX FL80 to FL110 , Airbus came in way too high so i missed the rest of the waypoint limits and had to use heading select to take the flight further out , i did the flight again but this time i used a manual hard set altitude and it flew fine (ODLIX at FL80 PT401 at FL70 etc) , i was using the Navigraph data set ... here is the STAR i used so could there be an issue with STARS if they have an Altitude limit between two Altitudes?






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Yes, too less info to give you any help.

I simply suggest that you do the tutorial flight. If you follow this one exactly step-by-step and it also fails, come back and give us more details like

- screenshots from the moment something goes different then explained in the tutorial

- detailed description of what you have exactly done

- version of your flightsim

- version of the Airbus

- Navdata base: which cycle and which provider


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