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As I can do so that when I export a flight plan, I can tell you what level of flight on cruise I want to export it, and not as it exports by default to FL350. I Only export the route and nothing else without creating a flight plan. PFPX v2.0

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When I export the route, having it created with routes  "HI " I export them for use in AS16 or Aivlasoft always with a FL350, if I export routes with  "LO " exports them with FL180, and not if there is how many way to tell or put the FL I want to always fly within the margin It is and limits of that kind of route.

In The following images you can see a route created, and I exported it with FL350, and maybe I wanted to fly to FL390, so I have to manually edit that data, so that both AS16 and AivlaSoft know what level I will fly.








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It will be that not, continues to EXPORT the route with FL350, by many limits that you always put within the levels of the routes.

An Example:



The routes Z283 UZ283 UT27 UN852 They have a LEVELS Max and Minim, as I expose below:

             MIN    MAX
Z283     095    660
UZ283  195    660
UT27    195    660 >> 500
UN852  195    500


As seen in the previous image, I put as the LIMIT MAX FL300 and MIN FL240 I want for that route a FLXXX to export, always within limits.


In The PFPX application, I EXPORT the route to use with Active SKY for P3Dv4 and P3D and AiVlasoft, with a flight level, within the MARGINs that I establish as seen in previous images.




Why do I still EXPORT the route OUTSIDE THE LIMITS THAT i HAVE PUT, as seen in the following image?



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17 minutes ago, srcooke said:

That is a route finder function and not an export of a computed flightplan ?


You should plan / compute / release and then export the computed flightplan.


As I think you've understood from the beginning, I export only the ROUTE so that both Active Sky and AivlaSoft receive the ROUTE with a LEVEL of flight within the LIMITS I put in PFPX, another thing is if I EXPORT after Creating a flight PLAN thing that as seen in The above images IS NOT THAT CASE, because it gives me the option to EXPORT the ROUTE without applying it in a FLIGHT PLAN PFPX

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8 minutes ago, srcooke said:

A route is in the horizontal plain, a flightplan contains vertical information, again you should plan / compute / release and then export the computed flightplan.


Import that into AS and EFB and all will be correct. 

I already knew That, but I use it several times, but the initial question was, if there is any way to make the path FL created can be introduced from the application PFPX and only to export the PATH to the above applications, and not have to edit it manual. THANK YOU VERY MUCH. You Can close the thread, if there's no such way.

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