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Error ND log file

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It seems this is becoming a common thing. I have re-installed both Airbuses and still keep having this issue. I turned off antivirus even went as far to uninstall it and still something keeps getting deleted. The Aerosoft folders are in documents but the log text is not in the A320-A321 data file. Something in the data folder keeps getting deleted when I turn off my computer. Need assistance please. Thanks. 



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If you're using Windows 10, then the only thing I can think of is that either Windows Defender (which is active anytime you disable or remove a third party computer security program) has been removing it.


I can tell you that this has nothing to do with our software.  If the above doesn't help you resolve things then you might consider reaching out to Microsoft Support.


Let us know how you make out?


Best wishes.


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Thanks Dave I'll check that out. So far so good. I just installed the A320-21 and it's working but that's what it did until I shutdown my computer last night. Will keep you posted. 

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