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Richard Portier

Tomcat problem with P3Dv4.4...

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I open a new topic in order to make a precise summary of the problems encountered with Tomcat and P3Dv4.4.

1- As indicated in this topic, on all scenarios the Cat no longer receives Tacan or ILS and of course the intercept options, Escort and so...do not work.


2-Flight options (Throttle, C&D....... and so on) are no longer saved.


3- After takeoff and at a certain distance from the Carrier, the sim crashes directly on the desktop without message in Event Viewer (every time).


I have done several uninstall/install without success.


I tested the Aerosoft Carrier "Kitty Hawk" with the Milviz F-4J/S+TP, it works correctly.


For the info, I still have the FSX version installed, I tried it again, everything works. I have never encountered this type of problem with this version!


I saw that the topic to which I refer and in which I had written meet the same problem, has not been answered since January 19! So, is this simulation still supported and is it really compatible with P3Dv4.4??



F-14 Extended v3010

VRS TP v1.5.0.6


Please, waiting for some answer/help,

Thanks and Regards,






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Hello Richard,


The Program Manager for this product is currently on a well deserved vacation and will return next week and I'm sure he'll take another look at this.  I believe he did ask questions of the developer on your behalf, but I don't know what the outcome was.


Sorry to have to ask you to wait a little longer.



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