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Mathijs Kok

Approaching Dortmund updated to

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the Aerosoft-Addon "Approaching Dortmund" has just been updated to version in the shop.

There is only one new full installer, but the AS-Updater is now also supported. - Functional clock at the St. Reinoldikirche (shows the local time)

                - 3-D models of the wind turbines replaced (generator housing with ENERCON typical drop shape)

                - New obstacle light created for wind turbines (with high visibility)

                - Knepper power station removed (was blown up in Feb. 2019)

                - Texture St. Reinoldikirche revised (texture of analog clock incorporated)

                - Two new FX files for St. Reinoldikirche (bell ringing at 12:00 noon)

                - WAV file of St. Reinoldikirche changed

                - Autogenous type newly assigned for bushes/hedges (had previously remained green in winter)

                - number of autofiles optimized (reduced from 566 AGNs to 462 AGNs)

                - Color correction of the Hengsen-Opherdicke summer aerial view (the parking places were slightly greenish)

                - New: Cycling Avatar (male with helmet)

                - New: Vehicle Hummer H3 (with and without PBR material)

                Wind objects rotate into the wind according to P3Dv4 wind variables

               - wind turbines

               - Wind bags at the clinic and wind bag at Hengsen airfield

               - Wind turbine sewage treatment plant at Hengsen-Opherdicke

                Special functionality on bike and Hummer H3

                - the front and rear lights on the bike can be switched on with a mouse click

                - the front headlamps can be switched on with a mouse click on the gear lever in the vehicle (button assignment for landing headlamps))

                - AS Updater included

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