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Different values in aircraft files

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Hello all,


for the Carenado Falcon 50EX I used a .txt file for PFPX from avsim. Originally it was created for the other Falcon 50. Now I get a error after planning a flight that MTOW exceeds the maximum weight in performance file. But I can nowhere find the value (17600kg). I have all changed to 18008kg. I only planned a short flight within Europe with only 2 pax on good weather (LSZH-EDDP). So normally should be no problem for that plane.


Can someone help me out? Maybe I made a mistake in correcting the .txt file?

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Hi Stephen, to avoid 'busflyer some confusion, the file on Airlinerperformance is for the Fokker 50, not the DA50 (Dassault Falcon 50)!


I have produced files for the Falcon jets, but not publicly released any of them.




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I found my mistake...I'm so stupid 🙄


I edited only the KG entrys and forgot to change the LBS fields. My mind thought wen using KG the system will not read the LBS data :D That was the problem as PFPX looked for KG and LBS and of course there was a mismatch. After correcting LBS it not worked fine and I could make the first flight with the Falcon.



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