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Simstarter and Primocache


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I've been experiencing some odd behaviour in SIMstarter lately and wondered whether the cacheing that I have on my system C:\ drive may be interfering - as many of P3D's (and maybe SIMstarter's <?>) files are stored there.


Primocache is an excellent little utility - and helps speed up my general PC operations as my main system drive is a standard/old HDD.


Any clues, anyone?



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Hi Peter ....


Sorry to be so late in replying. I've been doing a series of tests  - with and without Primocache running.


Basically, when Primocache is running, many of the Simstarter settings don't appear to "stick". I imagine this may be because the config files are being cached and edits aren't being applied correctly.


I've disabled Primocache for now - at least for all my P3D sessions!



P.S. Unless there are hundreds of P3D+Primocache users out there, I think you'd be quite safe to mark this "Closed" - even if, technically, it hasn't been "Solved". ;)

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