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Texture Quality

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Hi guys,


Just trying to work out why this aircraft is so badly mapped with so many misalignments everywhere ie (picture attached is just a rough logo added and on my 4096 base with simple upgrades).


When is the developer going to:

A - Fix these mapping issues

B - Supply us in 2018 with an aircraft that doesn't use pathetic (no offence honestly) 1024 low quality, poorly made textures. I get the old excuse for VAS etc. but even in V3 and before we had almost all aircraft with 4096 textures and deeper systems running with no problems.


When will we recieve an update for the aircraft that includes textures made to much higher quality?


The textures are just so basic and half of the paintkit doesn't even align with the model itself. For the price it is an extreme let down and really not worth the money imo.



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The fuselage was texture mapped and livery creation commenced probably more than five years ago.  4096 textures would have been a bad idea at that time.  If I was starting today I would use 2048. 


There are plenty of high res screenshots available to look at before buying the aircraft.  It was never marketed as having super high resolution or 4096 textures. Sorry, but I will not be providing you with a whole new set of higher resolution textures. The product has been out for eight months and you are the first person to complain about the size of the textures. 


I have corrected a couple of mapping issues brought to my attention.  I am not sure why you are asking when I'm going to do that.  If you want me to fix the issue visible on the top of the red M on your screenshot just make your texture available to me and I will look at it.  It helps if have the texture so I can see which polys have the problem. 

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