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Version 1.28 still available?

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Well, in this forum i only read about problems and issue's related to the new version 2.03.

As i'm gonna switch to a new system, my question is where can i find the "old" version 1.28 with it's updates as i have no BU of the installer for 1.28😞.


On the other hand, is it worth upgrading as there are still that much issue's.

It's been a while sinds an update or fix is released...




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of course you read about problems and issues in a support forum. That's what it is there for. You read hardly from people stating that they are just happy with the product. That happens from time to time as well, but it actually is rare.


From the regular download pages (Aerosoft and FlightSimSoft) you always get the the latest available version. If you need previous versions it is always a good idea to keep own backups of installers. 


In this case though there is a simple trick that will get you v1.28 download.


If you take a closer look on the PXPX download link on the FlightSimSoft download page you will notice the version number in the link name. If you change the "203" to "128" you will get that version ;) 


BTW: I am using v2.03 without problems and would never think of going back to v1.28.


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