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re-dispatch flight plan export questione

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Hello all and sorry for my english - I hope that it will be understandable to you 🙄
I am a new PFPX user and start my adventure with long-distance flights.
Generally, I have knowledge of what the re-dispatch procedure consists of, but I have not found in the manual information on how the flight pal by PFPX is exported. When planning a flight to two destinations, PFPX exports, for example, to the QW787 flight plan only with the destination airport and I have to do the whole re-dispatch procedure myself, so I go to the re-dispatch fix and after checking the fuel I fly to the destination airport or alternatively modify the flight plan in the FMC of the aircraft and fly to the airport indicated in the re-dispatch.
Simply put, is the exported flight plan a plan for the destination airport or airport with the re-dispatch procedure?
By the way, I would ask for advice. QW in its 787 did not implement the RTE2 function in FMC which would be very useful for re-dispatch. Does anyone of you know how to sensibly do a re-dispatch flight in QW787 so that you can plan the first episode to the airport with re-dispatch and then to the destination airport?
Best regards

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Hello Grezgorz,


the re-dispatch is not told to the aircraft .... on your flightplan you have informed the ATC that you may use the reclear at a certain point. for the operationnal purpose during your flight you follow the fuel position and if you are lower than predicted at the critical point you then create the new route from that point to your new alternate airport same as for alternate routing so no need to feed ahead the fms ...


the fms plan generated by PFPX is not giving any RCF info you need to decide if you reclear or not depending on your conditions at the T moment.


hope this is clear. 

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Thank You for clarification, it's clear for me

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