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  1. Hi all. doing the cleaning on my disks, and I probably found the flight plan format used by LOT Polish Airlines - attached I don't remember where I got it - I was realy surprised when I discovered it. I also don't know if this format is that one used by LOT Polish Airlines and whether it is current. I would, however, have a request if anyone of you could make such a format for PFPX - unfortunately for me it's black magic Best regards Grzegorz LO.txt
  2. A slightly different question. Is it possible to print a blank form of plotting charts to be able to manually enter the route? As far as I know, this old school is still practiced and it would be nice to practice manual route marking Regards
  3. Hello all and sorry for my english - I hope that it will be understandable to you 🙄 I am a new PFPX user and start my adventure with long-distance flights. Generally, I have knowledge of what the re-dispatch procedure consists of, but I have not found in the manual information on how the flight pal by PFPX is exported. When planning a flight to two destinations, PFPX exports, for example, to the QW787 flight plan only with the destination airport and I have to do the whole re-dispatch procedure myself, so I go to the re-dispatch fix and after checking the fuel I fly to the destination airport or alternatively modify the flight plan in the FMC of the aircraft and fly to the airport indicated in the re-dispatch. Simply put, is the exported flight plan a plan for the destination airport or airport with the re-dispatch procedure? By the way, I would ask for advice. QW in its 787 did not implement the RTE2 function in FMC which would be very useful for re-dispatch. Does anyone of you know how to sensibly do a re-dispatch flight in QW787 so that you can plan the first episode to the airport with re-dispatch and then to the destination airport? Best regards Grzegorz
  4. Hi all I'm new user of PFPX and do my best to learn all it funcionality. I saw that in this forum there is a lot flight plan templates created by users. If i could ask if someone have template for LOT Polish Airlines? Unfortunetly I don't know what format they use and I never saw they real flight plan - maybe some one of you have somthere in privat archive. Best regards Grzegorz
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