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Mathijs Kok

How to create logfiles?

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If you report an issue it will ALWAYS help us if all the logfiles are included. I'll explain how to make sure they are created and where to find them.


1. for starters make sure logging is activated in the configurator:



2. if you want to have ALL log files created (mind you they can large) you can edit the ini files.

These are located in the "where_you_installed_the_aircraft\Aerosoft A318-A319 Professional\Data" folder.

If you open them you might see Logging=1 or Logging=0). 1 is on, 0 is off. Do note that we normally do not need these logs.


3. Make sure the sim is closed and zip all the *.log files in the "where_you_installed_the_aircraft\Aerosoft A318-A319 Professional\Data" folder and add the zip to your forum posts or support email.

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