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the 727 flyer

Aircraft database lost after PFPX2 installation in different directory.

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Hello guys,



This is to warn you that if you install PFPX2 in a different folder and not over the previous also deletes the aircraft database. Manual does not say anything about backup and I red the posts about backup after the disaster.


I was so angry for loosing all the data collected throught years of simming that I had to switch off the computer and get out of my house to walk for five minutes. Please, next time advise about backup in the manual or better, tell the installer to create new folders with different names (like PFPX2 for example).


Anger is coming back. Time to go around and get another five minutes walk.







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Thanks Tom,



I red all that afterwards when I couldn't do anything to recover my data as I stated before.


That info should be in the manual, not in a forum post. Also, I would expect data overwrite when installing over the previous version but not when installing in a complete separate folder with different name like in this occasion.


Anyway, I will create a new plane and see if at least all the data lost was worth it.


Best regards.





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Hi Miguel,


I was also surprised to see this happen on my machine, too. But I do regular (automated) backups, so it wasn't more than a few mouse clicks for me.


All, please take the following as a general note, and not as an offence to anyone in here.


I am always surprised to see how many people are obviously ignorant about taking care of their data. What do you do if your hard drive or SSD fails, or you just catch some nasty malware encrypting all your data and not giving it back? Large external hard drives cost more or less nothing anymore. Having them somewhere safe and not constantly connected to your computer and backup up your stuff from time to time is really easy and quickly done. And if you have one of such drives stored somewhere else, you can even get robbed or your house could burn down without losing all your data. I mean people do take care of their other valuables, why not of their data? Just think of it...


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