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Eduard Gasull

Need feedback about new P3DV4.4

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Hi, I saw yesterday that Lockheed Martin has released the fourth version of P3DV4. 


Before the update, I want to share some opinions with you guys about the compatibility of the products. I have read here that almost all aerosoft addons work well with P3DV4.4. But how about for example these add-ons.




ORBX products

Some legacy products as Aspen extended, or Twin Otter extended

Majestic Q400 pro

Carenado airplanes in general

Ultimate traffic live

other scenarios form Just sim, fly Tampa 


Any comments on that?


thanks for the feedback!



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I locked this topic because as an AS driven forum AS products are the center of attention. The above posted link should give you a good insight into what is or could be compatible. 


Happy landings

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