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create a new waypoint

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i want to create a new waypoint but i have porblems with the LAT/LON format. What format is this? For example i want to create a new waypoint at this coordinates:

41° 51′ 36″ N, 87° 36′ 31″ W. What coordinates do i have to insert in the LAT/LON field for this example?

I have read the step by step guide but i can't find what format this is.

I have looked at google for a calculator and get this result for the coordinates above:


N41 51 36 W87 36 31                  format changed:


41.860, 87.60861111                    Dez.-Grad  *1
N41 51.600 E087 36.517             Grad Min.  *2
N41° 51' 36" E087° 36' 31"          Grad Mn Sk *3
45T E 550514 N 4634411            UTM        *4
45TWG E 50514 N 34411            MGRS       *5
X 9752546 Y 5140031                 Merc. WGS  *6
X 9741633 Y 5134280                 Merc. Falk *7
X Q90MC Y PZ8ZZ                      NAC        *8
NN31TU36AJ                              QTH        *9
tzqq1s6s                                     GeoHash    *10


I tried it with:







but always it comes bad format. Where is my mistake?



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You are using the wrong numbers:

Screenshot at Nov 04 15-05-30.png

So in your case you can enter:

- 41° 51′ 36″ N / 87° 36′ 31″ W => 4151.4N/8736.3W

or after converting Degrees in Decimal

- 41° 51′ 36″ N (= 41.86) / 87° 36′ 31″ W (= -87.61) => 41.9N/87.6


You took the dec numbers and entered it like degree

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Because we believe this topic has been answered we have closed it. If you have any more questions feel free to open a new topic.

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