Selecting gates at LSZH

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Noticed how some of the gates at LSZH are not to be found in the list in XP where you select what gate you want to end up at when loading a flight. One example is E25 while E23 and E27 both are in the list.


Any particular reason why some of the gates are not on the list in XP?

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Should also say that part from that minor flaw I'm very happy with the scenery from what I've seen so far!


This was one of my first payware airports for XP. I bought this one and your EDDF which is also nothing short of amazing!! Now I just need to figure out what airports to get next to not be disappointed being used to LSZH and EDDF. I guess I made it a bit hard for myself setting the bar a bit too high buying a couple of the best airports out there first 😄

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